The Storm (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Pairings: Steve
Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,818

Warnings: Angst,
Swearing, Death, Fluff, Comfort

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After having
a terrible experience during a thunderstorm when you were 17, you find yourself
wide awake.  You get up to watch a movie
in the living room where Steve finds you and comforts you.  

The wind howled
outside your bedroom window as you desperately tried to ignore it.  You just wanted to go to sleep because you
had a big math test in the morning.  Ugh,
the life of a 17 year old was never any fun you aimlessly thought.  Tree branches scratched at your window; it
sounded like nails on a chalkboard.  The
rain soon came after and now you lay, wide awake in your bed, knowing sleep won’t
come any time soon.  

A loud crash from
downstairs made you jolt straight up as your heart started racing at once.  You wanted to see what it was, but you were
afraid, paralyzed in your place.  

“Don’t come any closer”
you could hear your father yell from downstairs.  Shakily, you pulled the covers over your
body, as one foot landed on the hardwood floor.
“Don’t you touch her” your father roared as your mother screamed for
mercy.  Your chest heaved as you
unsteadily started walking to your bedroom door.  Opening it slightly, you saw the lights were
on downstairs.  You slowly crept to the
banister of the stairs and peered over, seeing three men dressed in black tactical
gear holding onto your parents.  You
covered your mouth with your hand as to not make any noise as your father
raised his eyes to meet yours.  “Run” he
mouthed to you very clearly just as one of the men shot your mother.  Screaming into your hand, you turned and ran
back into your room, closing the door quietly.
Your chest started to hurt and you felt dizzy as you tried taking deep
breaths to calm yourself.  Hide, you need
to hide Y/N your brain told you.  Darting
into your closet, you closed it behind you as silent tears fell.  Through the paneling of your closet door, you
could see your room light up in bright flashes from the lighting; jerking each
time thunder struck right after.  

“Where the hell is
she?” an unfamiliar voice shouted.  More
tears fell down as you felt this was your ending in life.  Your bedroom door burst open and one of the
men dressed in black came barreling through.
His face lit as the storm raged on; he scanned the room trying to find
you as you kept as silent as possible.  “NO!”
your father screeched as he tackled the man to the ground.  It was a struggle, you watched the whole
thing.  Your father killed the man, but
he didn’t win.  Your father collapsed
onto the ground, his eyes facing your closet.
“I love you Y/N.  You….be…..good….princess”
he whispered as he took his final breath.
Your mouth opened wide but no noise came out; face wet with tears,
breathing ragged.  

You don’t know how
long you stayed there for, frozen and paralyzed before Nick Fury found
you.  He opened the closet door and
crouched down to your level.  “Y/N, come
here sweetheart” he said calmly.  As he
gathered you into his arms, you completely lost it.  “NNNNOOOOOOOO” you cried out desperately as
his arms struggled to keep you still.

That was the night you
found out your parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D in the intelligence
department.  That was the night you found
out it was Hydra who broke into your home and killed your parents.  That was the night that changed you
forever.  That was the night you forever
became terrified of storms.  

Nick Fury took you
under his wing after that.  You found out
it was the only way your parents would join S.H.I.E.L.D; Fury had to care for
you if something were to happen to them.
You moved into the tower shortly after, and as the Avengers Initiative
took place, you were known as the “official unofficial Avenger”.  

You did some combat
training and intelligence training and helped out here and there when
needed.  Everyone became family to you
and it was exactly what you needed.  But
you were closest with Steve as you could share in your losses with each
other.  You found comfort with him and
the flirting back and forth didn’t hurt either.

“UUGHHHH” you huffed out in frustration as the storm raged
on outside.  Your bedroom lighting up
like a rave party from the lightening.  “You
would think after 10 damn years I would get used to storms” you muttered
out.  Memories from that night came
flooding back to you, like it did each time there was a storm.  The yelling, your mother screaming for mercy,
begging for her life, witnessing your father’s death.  You flinched as the thoughts invaded your
mind.  Groaning, you got out of bed and
wrapped yourself in your blanket as you walked out your bedroom door.  Walking down the hallway, you stopped in
front of Steve’s room, wondering if maybe he was still up at this hour.  Over the years, you and Steve had slowly
become the best of friends, but you wished it would turn into more.  You flirted with him to no end, but you didn’t
know if old-timey Steve caught on at all.

Letting out another sigh of frustration, you kept on walking
until you came into the living room.
Picking up the remote, you turned on The Little Mermaid as you sat down
on the couch as your blanket surrounded you into a cocoon.  The storm was still battling strongly outside
and even though the blanket had you feeling warm, you couldn’t help but

It was at the point of the movie where Ariel had just received
her human legs when you heard a noise and you yelped out in surprise.  “Y/N?
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” Steve’s voice broke through the
darkness as he started walking towards the couch.  “Oh..umm, no that’s alright Steve, just
startled is all” came your reply as you grabbed the remote to pause the

Steve sat down next to you and as you glanced up at him, you
could tell there was sadness in his eyes.
“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked gruffly, his voice sounding like he had just
woken up from sleep himself.  “I’m not
too good with storms,” you shrugged, “because of…..” you trailed off, not even
wanting to finish the sentence.  “Your
parents” Steve finished for you.  You
nodded your head as you fidgeted with your fingers in your lap.  A loud clap of thunder roared and you jumped
in shock from the ferociousness of it.

Steve took his large hands and grabbed a hold of yours,
encasing them in his.  He was warm and it
brought comfort to you, eased you a bit.
“Do you want me to keep you company out here?” he asked genuinely.  You bit your lower lip as your eyes raised to
meet his, “I’d love that.”  

Pulling the blanket from around you, Steve sat down right
next to you as you placed the blanket over you both.  Before you could reach for the remote Steve
stopped you, his hand on your outstretched arm.
“You know I’m here for you Y/N.
Anytime, day or night.  You can
come to me for anything.  If you need a
shoulder to cry on.  Someone to talk
to.  I just want you to know that ok?”  With everything going on; the storm, the
memories, and Steve being so genuine you couldn’t help but start crying.  He quickly wrapped his arms around you, engulfing
you in a comforting embrace as your body shook from your sobs.  One of Steve’s hand was placed firmly on your
back, soothing you as his other was gently situated on the back of your
head.  Your arms shot out and wrapped
around his fit torso and gripped onto his back as if he was a life jacket.  

The two of you stayed in your embrace for what felt like
hours; Steve whispering comforting words to you.  You started to quiet down after some time,
your sobs dying down as a few more tears escaped your eyes.  “Tha-thank you” you hiccupped out when you
were done with your hysterics.  “It’s no
problem Y/N.  I don’t mind at all.”

“So…what are we watching” Steve broke the silence after a
few minutes and let out a quiet chuckle as you dried off your tears.  “The Little Mermaid…it’s Disney…you’d like it”
you replied with a smirk.  You both got
comfortable again under the blanket and you started the movie over so Steve
could watch from the beginning.  

During the movie, you noticed Steve getting a little closer
to you every so often.  Before you knew
it, his arm slung behind the couch and you took it as a sign to cuddle into his
side, which you gladly obliged.  Your
favorite part of the movie came on and you couldn’t help but sing to the song
when it came to the chorus.

Sing with me now

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Look like the boy too

Ain’t gonna kiss the

Sha la la la la la

Ain’t that sad?

Ain’t it a shame?

Too bad, he gonna miss
the girl

You hummed the rest of the song as Steve’s hand was running
up and down your arm in a satisfying way.
The song came to an end and you felt Steve’s hand on your arm stop
moving.  “Y/N?” Steve said your name
questioningly.  Your head inclined up and
Steve’s hand immediately grasped your chin as he leaned forward and placed his
lips delicately onto yours.  His lips
were warm and surprisingly soft against yours.
As he pulled away, you kept your eyes closed but jutted out your bottom
lip in a pouting way, hinting that you didn’t want it to end.  You heard his laugh before opening your
eyes.  “Cute” Steve said shaking his head
at your pouty face.  “What was that for?”
you asked, all of a sudden shy.  He
shrugged as his head turned back towards the screen where the movie continued
playing.  He let out a soft sigh, “I don’t
know…I guess the lyrics of the song kind of put me in my place.  It made me realize that I might lose you if I
didn’t kiss you.”  “Are you saying that
you like me? Captain America likes little ole me?” you feigned shock as your
hand rested on your heart and your eyes fluttered rapidly.  Steve gave you a dashing smile, the kind that
would always brighten a room.  “Yes, I am
saying that Y/N” he stated with a light laugh.
“Well it’s about damn time!” you whined out at him.  “I’m sorry” he said as he pulled you into his
embrace once again.  

The two of you went back to watching the movie,
cuddled up side by side.  The storm
outside was still going strong, but you found yourself more at ease when you
were near Steve.  A smile graced your
lips as you snuggled closer to Steve; your eyes giving in to the sleep you so desperately

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