The Mustache

It’s late when Chris gets home, well past midnight. The crowd tonight had been a bitch, bigger than normal, and he was already antsy because he’d gotten a text from you that your train had gotten in this afternoon. That had been around the time he got to the theater, so he’d had the whole afternoon and evening to imagine being in your arms.

He grins when he sees the little reminders that you’re here: the blanket that was over the back of the couch is now piled in the corner of it; your book, complete with a receipt bookmark, is lying on top of it; the container of cookies his mom told him the kids had baked for him is sitting on the counter. When Chris walks over to the island to investigate them and can’t help but grin when he sees you even went grocery shopping: the list he’d had stuck to the fridge is gone and there’s a fresh loaf of bread on the counter. He pulls open the fridge, which had been mostly empty this morning, to see it’s full.

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Chris’s head bobbed to imaginary music as he rattled his knee beside me. “We’re going to Disnaaaaay!” He sang out loud as we waited to board out plane. “Disney! Disney!” He looked at me with a smirk on his face. “Come on baby, sing it with me.”

I laugh, shaking my head. “You’re singing enough for the both of us, bud.”

He pouted. “You’re gonna break my little Disney loving heart.”

I rolled my eyes. “We’re going to Disnaaaay.” I snorted. “Happy?”

He winks and kisses my cheek as the attendant came over the airport speaker saying that first class flyers could start boarding the plane. We gathered our carryons and handed the lady our tickets. She smirked, blushing slightly as Chris smiled. “Enjoy your flight, Captain.”

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The One Where He Meets Your Family – Chris Evans

Ever since you moved out of your parents’ place, your parents still talked to you frequently, more specifically, your mom. Every Saturday at three in the afternoon, she would FaceTime you. You’ve always had a close relationship with your mom, mostly because you two were the only girls at home since you grew up with two older brothers and your dad.

You’ve been FaceTiming almost every Saturday for the past three years. You would tell each other everything. Your mom would tell you stories of the life at home back in New York and you would share your experiences as Web Designer in LA. You hid nothing from each other.

Well… mostly.

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Saturday Snuggles

You glance over at your husband who was currently lounging on the couch, reading the script for his latest project. His legs stretched out, free hand tossed over the back of the couch and there is nothing you want more than to cuddle up to him, but you know he needs to focus on his work right now.

It made it worse that it was Saturday and everyone was posting pictures of all the fun things they were doing with their partners. To say you were jealous was an understatement.

Sighing rather loudly you sink down into the chair you’re in and cross your arms over your chest. Yes, you’re pouty. You know how it looks and you don’t really care. Chris is gone a lot because of work and when he is home you want to waste any time apart. That includes sitting across the room from him!

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What Are The Odds?

You were nervous. It had been ages since you’ve been out on a date. Clammy hands made it a bit difficult to hook your necklace and put your earrings on.

Your last relationship ended without any warning. It kept you from wanting to start anything new.

On a cold rainy morning, you woke up in your shared apartment. The dressers, once the home of watches, deodorant, and cologne, was empty except a few framed photos.

You sprinted out of the bed into the living room only find it was ransacked, you thought maybe you’d been robbed. But on the table was a handwritten note that said, “I’m sorry but I’m just not happy anymore. Take care. – J”

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Rise and Shine, Sweet Thing

I hum and snuggle deeper into my pillow, loving that peacefulness that comes only from being about to wake up and start the day. I sigh, surrounded by warm blankets, Dodger no longer on my legs…

“Hey, sweetheart,” Chris whispers, nosing my hair aside and kissing the spot underneath my ear. I groan, trying to hide in the pillow, and he chuckles. “Come on, sweet thing. Rise and shine.”

“Noo,” I whine, covering my head with a pillow.

I feel his fingers graze up and down my spine, making me shiver. “Come on, angel… I’ve been waiting to see you…”

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Foamy Kisses

You walked toward the coffee shop on Broadway, hoping your date was already there. You had a friend who worked at a nearby hotel, and she’d let you park your car in the garage. She understood how important this was to you. You’d been dating Chris Evans, also known as Captain America, for four years now. It was hard since he was pretty much always filming, and now he was in “Lobby Hero” on Broadway. You hadn’t seen him in several months, seeing as he’d just gotten back from filming Infinity War and he had to go straight to Broadway. He’d flown back from Atlanta today, and after a brief meeting with the show runners, he called you and told you to meet him downtown. You’d been at the on campus library working on your thesis, but the second he’d called, you’d dropped everything to suffer through traffic. You would do anything to be reunited with your love again.

You enter the coffee shop, which is empty except for a couple college kids on laptops. You go up to the counter and tell them you’re meeting Mr. Rogers. You’re brought to the back room, and you see Chris sitting on his phone. You sneak up behind him, wrapping your arms around him.

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