i hope you’re still taking Chris asks :) i saw your answer regarding him welcoming new people/a new woman into his life, and i was just wondering what your opinion is on him dating someone younger?

THANK YOU for the nice ask! It got me thinking and rewatching Chris interviews.

How young are we talking? Chris has been consistently dating women from his own age range… give or take two years. 

He doesn’t want to be a creep. He wants to have common ground with a woman and not have his music and pop culture references fall on deaf ears; or worse, to feel ancient because he doesn’t know who G-Eazy or Marshmello are. He also doesn’t fear the woman being his equal in the relationship – I don’t think he wants to have to parent his own girlfriend, either.

I think it’s also because Chris himself feels like a child who is posing as an adult on one hand, but on the other he is being reminded constantly that he is aging fast.  After a certain age, the world starts telling you every step of the way what you may and may not do. If he were to date someone much younger now, people would say he’s either going through a mid-life crisis, that he’s using the girl or that he has huge insecurities. And while that might not be true, it would definitely hurt him inside. People at large always judge Chris harshly, and the only difference between him and them is that he’s made his mistakes in the spotlight while all those who judge him got to cover up their messes under the rug of anonymity. 

I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to like and date a somewhat younger girl. But he won’t date an 18 year old who has to skip Uni to show up for dates. 

Some unsavoury people say Chris WILL marry a much younger woman because she can give him healthier kids, faster and easier. But I don’t think Chris is the kind who regards women as vehicles for making his desires come true or as mere incubators. He will marry the person he loves and who makes him feel safe in his decision to take that step. He’s definitely not going to open himself up to someone who sees him as a hot older guy she can play games with.

There is a Romanian proverb that says “the older chicken makes the tastiest soup” and deep down Chris might believe that too. He wants someone who has some idea about life and isn’t afraid of responsibilities and acting grown up. Even only for the reason that when he feels like being immature and playing around, there’s at least one adult present to watch over things. 

So yeah, I think Chris might date someone younger, but not MUCH younger. He’d rather go for someone who is grown up but hasn’t lost connection with her inner child. 

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