Bedtime Story (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris
Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Request: Hello!
Can you write something on Chris Evans being a daddy and reading some bedtime
stories to his child? And his wife (the reader) arrives from work in the middle
of the story and spy on them or something?
Sorry for my broken English! This IS not my first language.

Requested By:

12 years.  That is how
long you had been with Chris.  Six years
of dating, followed by six years of marriage, and a beautiful three year old
daughter to show for it all.  When she
was born, you were immediately mesmerized by her eyes; the same eyes as
Chris.  She was your little darling, but
she was definitely a daddy’s girl.  

Once your daughter was born, Chris took fewer movie roles as
he didn’t want to miss out on watching his little girl grow up.  You also went back to work after the first
year, with Chris’ encouragement and all.

It had been a particularly long day at the office as you
shuffled into the house late one night.
Being the middle of winter, it was already well past dark outside and
you wanted nothing more than to give your little girl a kiss goodnight and
spend some time with your husband.  

Taking off your shoes you noticed the house was
exceptionally quiet.  Making your way
down the hallway, you paused just outside of your daughters room; the door cracked
open as the light from the bedside lamp shown through; Chris’ soft voice
emanated from the room.  

Peaking your head inside, Chris’ back was to you and he was
reading a bedtime story to your daughter; your heart jumping from joy at the
sight.  Your daughters’ eyes looked heavy
as she was trying to stay awake for the story.

“Promise me you’ll remember, you are braver than you
believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think,” Chris spoke
gently.  The line was from the book
Winnie the Pooh, a favorite between the three of you.  

Your daughters’ eyes closed just as Chris ended the
story.  You quietly snuck into the room
as Chris set the book down on the bedside table, giving your daughter a
kiss.  Placing your hand on his back, he
looked up at you with a smile as you mirrored his.  Leaning down you gave her a kiss on her
forehead.  Turning on the nightlight,
Chris shut the lamp off and you two headed out of her bedroom.  

“You’re such a great daddy,” you confessed, wrapping your
hands around his neck.  

Chris put his hands on your waist, “well you’re such a great
mommy.”  He leaned down and captured your
lips with his as you pulled yourself closer to him.  

Pulling away, you gave him a shy smile.  “Now how about we go and have some mommy and
daddy time?”

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Beers and Beards

Beers and Beards (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris
Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fluff,

Request: Would
you be alright with doing like the fluffiest of fluffy Chris Evans fics, mate?
Like, maybe they’re just sitting outside in the sunshine with a couple of beers
chatting?  Thanks, mate, love your
writing btw, it’s stunning

Requested By: @trees-and-ink   < —– This is joe….and
she is an AMAZING writer and you should all go check her out!!!

Chris was tired, it was obvious.  He had just completed doing the press tour
for Captain America: Civil War and he was wiped.  The bags under his eyes were evident; his
makeup team having to spend countless hours trying their best to cover them

But he was a trooper and he loved his job as an actor.  It was his last day before finally taking a
few months off from work as you waited for him to get back home.  You had no idea when to expect him so you
made sure to have everything set up by early morning just in case.  

The morning, and then afternoon trickled by as you waited
for the man you loved to come home; waiting to spend some quality time with

“Babe, I’m home,” you heard him say through the open door in
the dining room as you were sat on the large porch outside.  

“I’m on the porch Chris,” you called back, hoping he would
be delighted with what he saw.  You heard
the jingle of his keys being placed on the counter as his footsteps got
louder.  Turning your head, you saw him
walk onto the porch and take everything in.

There was a cooler filled with his favorite beers, which
just so happened to be yours too.  His
favorite blanket laid out on the deck, surrounded by many pillows; and of
course, a bag of starburst jellybeans.
You always knew to stock up on them whenever it was Easter time.  

“What’s all this?” Chris smiled as he made his way towards
you and sat down.  

You gave him a little shrug, grabbing him a beer and handing
it to him.  “I know how stressed you’ve
been with filming and then the press tour.
It’s takes a lot of time and you don’t get much sleep.  Since now marks your official time off for a
few months, I thought we’d start with a nice evening outside, drinking some
beers, and enjoying each other’s company.”

It looked as if his eyes began to glisten.  He set his beer down, hands cupping your
cheeks before placing a tender loving kiss to your lips.  A soft sigh escaped your lips as he pulled
away; you had truly missed him so much while he was gone and you were happy to
have him back.  

“You’re amazing, you know that?” he confessed with sincerity
as he gazed passionately into your eyes.

You fixed the pillows, the two of you leaning on your
elbows, facing each other as you continued to sip your beers and talk about all
the things you two wanted to do now that he was on a break.  The sun began to dip below the horizon as the
sky became emerged in palettes of purples, pinks and oranges.

Chris was admiring the beautiful sky as you turned and
cherished him.  He had grown his beard
back out since filming ended and you were so happy about it; he could really
pull off the rugged bearded look.  His
face gleamed from the now dipping sun as your heart surged at the sight of him.  

His head whirled around as he was now staring at you; blush
creeping onto your face as he caught you staring at him.  “What?” he asked with a chuckle.  “Do I have beer in my beard or something?”

A bark of laughter escaped your mouth from his question as
you shook your head.  “No!  I was-I was just admiring your face and how
it looked in the light of the fading sun.”

“Oh?” he questioned, eyebrows raised, “and how do I look?”

Putting your hand on his check, your thumb
scraped along his beard.  “Absolutely

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Movie Set Sickness (Chris Evans x Reader)Pairings: Chris Evans x ReaderWarnings: FluffPrompt: “I…

Movie Set Sickness (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Prompt: “I want to take care of you”

Requested By: Anonymous

As an actress, it had always been your dream to land a role on at least one Marvel movie, but you got lucky.  You ended up landing a roll as Steve Rogers’ love interest in The First Avenger; frozen in time just like him, trying to navigate the new world as you woke up from your time freeze.  It was an incredible experience but it was a rough schedule.  Many months went into filming each movie, and then there was press, photoshoots, interviews, and red carpets.  

As luck would have it for you, you ended up getting the flu right when you had a few days break from filming.  You were stuck in your hotel room, in bed as your body convulsed with shivers, even though you had the heat turned all the way up and you were wearing many layers.

There was a knock on your door and you groaned, not wanting to get up and answer it.  You hoped the person would go away but there was no avail; they kept knocking.  Pulling the covers over your shivering body, you wrapped yourself in your robe and went to answer the door.  

“Chris, what are you doing here?” you asked as you saw not only your co-star, but your secret crush standing there.  

“I heard you were sick and wanted to bring you some soup,” he replied, holding up a bag from your favorite restaurant in town.  You smiled weakly at him, opening the door further for him to enter.  

“That’s sweet and all, but you really shouldn’t be here.  I don’t want to get you sick.”

Chris grinned at you, motioning for you to go lay back down in bed and you did as he asked.  To be honest, all you wanted to do was sleep for the next week, your body not only exhausted from work, but this flu as well.

Keeping your warm robe on you got under the covers in your warm and comfortable bed.  You heard Chris tinkering around in the kitchen before making an appearance in front of you.  He pulled up a chair and sat down a tray on your lap; a bowl of soup along with a single rose.  

“Chris,” you said his name softly, taking the rose in your hand and trying to smell it, but your nose was clogged.  “Tell me, honestly, what are you doing here?”

“I want to take care of you,” Chris confessed, your heart leaping in your chest.  He placed a hand on your knee, looking into your eyes longingly.  Over the many years filming and touring with Chris, you had grown to really like him, even helping him with his anxiety on the press tours. “And if I’m being truly honest Y/N, I’ve had a crush on you for quite some time.  I wanted to make sure you were doing alright.”

You were taken aback by his words as he confessed his true feelings towards you.  “I….Chris….,” you were flustered, not knowing how to respond.

Chris laughed lightly, shaking his head.  “It’s ok if you don’t feel the same.  I just wanted to let you know Y/N.”

You shook your head, placing your hand on his.  “No it’s not that Chris.  I…I actually feel the same way towards you.”  He squeezed your hand before bringing it up to his lips, giving it a kiss.

You closed your eyes, scrunching your face at the gesture.  “What?  Did I do something wrong?”

Taking your lip between your teeth, you gently nibbled on it anxiously.  “It’s just….Chris I have the flu and it’s highly contagious.  And here you are, kissing my hand,” you replied with a shrug.  

His head tilted backwards, a laughter escaping his throat.  “I’ll take my chances…..but you have to go on a date with me.”  His brows wiggled back and forth and for the first time in two days, you were able to laugh.  

“I’d love to Chris.”

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Comic Con Fun (Chris Evans x Reader)


Pairings: Chris
Evans x Reader

Swearing, Sex, Fingering, Oral (both male and female)

Word Count: 2.9k+

Request: Hey Em!
How about some Chris Evans smutty smut after missing a chance at one comic con
he recognizes you at a second and will not pass up the chance again. Lol

Requested By: the
wonderful @guera31

It was your second Comic Con, and it was the first time you
were finally getting a chance to get your picture taken with Chris Evans.  The first time around, you were too broke,
only being able to afford an autograph, but at least you got to meet him still.  

This time, you saved up for many months, getting VIP access
to everything; panel, photo ops, and autographs.  You had been a big fan of Chris’ work for
years, but you were more than a fan in your eyes.  You admired him for all he stood for.  He stood up for many great causes that you
firmly believed in yourself, and you loved that he was a Disney and NASA

You were filled with jitters Saturday morning when you woke
up in your hotel room, quickly showering and getting your best outfit
together.  You applied a little bit of
makeup and headed on down to the Con.  

There were people everywhere!  You began to walk around, killing some time
before having to go to the panel.  Some
of the people dressed up in cosplay were amazing; all the detail to their
outfits, you were rather envious.  

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Comic Con Fun (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris
Evans x Reader

Swearing, Sex, Fingering, Oral (both male and female)

Word Count: 2.9k+

Request: Hey Em!
How about some Chris Evans smutty smut after missing a chance at one comic con
he recognizes you at a second and will not pass up the chance again. Lol

Requested By: the
wonderful @guera31

It was your second Comic Con, and it was the first time you
were finally getting a chance to get your picture taken with Chris Evans.  The first time around, you were too broke,
only being able to afford an autograph, but at least you got to meet him still.  

This time, you saved up for many months, getting VIP access
to everything; panel, photo ops, and autographs.  You had been a big fan of Chris’ work for
years, but you were more than a fan in your eyes.  You admired him for all he stood for.  He stood up for many great causes that you
firmly believed in yourself, and you loved that he was a Disney and NASA

You were filled with jitters Saturday morning when you woke
up in your hotel room, quickly showering and getting your best outfit
together.  You applied a little bit of
makeup and headed on down to the Con.  

There were people everywhere!  You began to walk around, killing some time
before having to go to the panel.  Some
of the people dressed up in cosplay were amazing; all the detail to their
outfits, you were rather envious.  

This year they incorporated something a bit different to the
VIP passes, which naturally, made the passes cost that much more.  Instead of selling as many regular passes for
photos as they could, they limited them, so that those who had VIP passes weren’t
so rushed.  You were ecstatic when you
heard about it, but kind of nervous as you didn’t know if you would become a
bumbling idiot in front of him.

The panel was hilarious because Anthony Mackie was also
there.  He seemed to always ease any
tension between the rest of the cast, especially from those fan questions that
you thought were rather inappropriate.
You never understood how ‘fans’ could ask such personal and unsuitable
questions about their private lives.  

Once the panel was done, you quickly got in line for the VIP
access for photo ops.  There were many
different kinds of photo ops to choose from, but you deemed that a photo of you
and Chris together was all you wanted.  

They kept the curtain closed so nobody in line could peak
around and see what was happening; you were so grateful for that.  You began to fidget, swaying back and forth
on your legs as your hands twiddled with your VIP pass.  Nervous was a complete understatement at how
you felt right now.  

“Next,” you heard one of the workers call and you took a
deep breath, trying to calm your nerves as best you could.  Opening the curtain, you saw Chris standing
there, his hands clapping, his arms swinging wide as he waited for the next
person; you.  

He was wearing a white muscle tank, with a blue flannel
shirt over it; the top few buttons undone as his delicious clavicle tattoo was
displayed for all to see, making your mouth water.  Chris looked up, locking eyes with you and his
arms stilled, a large bright smile appearing on his lips.  

“It’s you,” he mused as you walked closer to him.  His words caught you off guard, confusion
evident on your face.  

“I’m sorry?” you questioned, your voice high pitched.

“You were here last year weren’t you?”  You couldn’t believe what he was saying.  Yes, you were here last year, but you only
managed to spend about 10 seconds with him during the autograph op; you weren’t
even sure if you remembered to speak during that moment.  

“I, yeah, I was here last year,” you acknowledged.  There was something about him, the way he was
smiling at you that made your nerves float away.  You began to relax as the two of you began to
talk; Chris waving off the worker as he showed them you had VIP access.  

Turns out, Chris confessed that last year when he saw you,
you immediately took his breath away.
You weren’t sure if he was just saying that to get laid, or what, but
the more he talked, the less you thought so.
He remembered how your hair was, as it was a different color than what
it was now, and even what shirt you were wearing.  To some, it might have sounded creepy, but
not to you; there was a genuine way about him when he spoke.  

“And then I was hoping to see you at the photo op last year,
but you never came.  I thought maybe that
could have been my chance,” you stated with a slight frown.  

You giggled, your face warming from blushing.  “Yeah, I couldn’t really afford both a photo
op and autograph last year.”  He nodded
in understanding.  

The two of you took your picture, Chris mentioning that he
would see you at the autograph op; the smile on your face hurting your cheeks
by the time you were done.  But there was
one thing that really stuck with you as you began to walk around.  Chris had said ‘I thought maybe that could
have been my chance.’  ‘Chance for what?’
you thought to yourself as you walked around the con some more.  

Chris saw you standing in line during the autograph signing
and he kept sneaking glances at you, smiling each time.  You had to bite your lip from squealing every
time he smiled your way.  

You walked up to his booth, his smile growing wider as he
saw you.  “Hey Y/N,” he said as he looked
over the photo of the two of you.  Your
name falling from his lips made you desire him that much more as you wanted to
hear him say your name repeatedly in bed.

As he got done signing your picture, he motioned for you to
move closer as he whispered into your ear.
“Meet me by the elevators on the east side of the hotel at 8 p.m.”  Your heart rate increased, your body
shivering from his warm breath so close to your face and all you could muster
up was a nod and a smile.  

You went back to your hotel room after the autograph
signing, pacing back and forth.  You had
a few options here.  One, to meet him by
the elevators and see what he was up to.
Two, not meet him by the elevators and just call it a night.  Or three, not meet him by the elevators, call
it a night, and mentally beat yourself up about it for the rest of your

You weren’t dating anybody, and you knew he wasn’t either
since coming out in his latest interview that he and his girlfriend had broken
up.  And while you weren’t one to just
randomly sleep with guys, this was Chris Evans after all.  Wouldn’t most people jump at that chance?  Hell, maybe he didn’t even want to sleep with
you!  By 7:45, you had made up your mind as
you made your way to the east side elevators of the hotel.  

Your hands laced together as you waited for Chris to arrive,
your mind reeling with possibilities.  “Y/N,”
you heard your name being called and you swiftly turned around to see Chris
standing there, your heart hammering in your chest.  

“Hi Chris.”

“I’m glad you came,” he declared with a smile.  “I was wondering if you wanted to come up to
my room?  Hang out for a little bit?”

You nervously chewed on your lip before answering.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

The two of you got into the elevator as it slowly crawled up
to the top floor.  Chris was standing so
close to you, you could feel his warmth radiating off his body.  The sexual tension was so thick you could cut
it with a knife.  Looking over at Chris
through your peripheral vision you could see his chest heaving, taking deep
steady breathes; you knew he felt it too.

As the door to his hotel room shut, the two of you were on
each other like two horny ass teenagers.
You were pushed against the hotel door as his lips rapidly descended onto
your own.  This was no soft kiss, no
tenderness to it.  It was pure lust and
want as you eager opened your mouth, tilting your head to have better access.  His tongue tangled with yours; pleasuring
striking down your body as your panties became evident with your arousal.  

Chris nipped at your lower lip, a sultry moan evading your
mouth as he pulled your lip with his teeth.
Your hands moved from his stomach and up to his chest, feeling his
muscles beneath your fingertips as hips lips trailed from your mouth and across
your jaw.  Your chest was heaving as you
began to fiddle with the buttons of his shirt.

In a moment Chris gripped your wrists, pulling them from him
and placing them above your head against the door; his hips keeping you in
place as you became immobile.  His eyes
were dark as his gaze roamed down to your chest; your cleavage on full display
for him as his head dipped down; his lips suckling your soft skin on your

You wanted to feel him, wanted to touch every inch of him
but he held your hands; a whimper leaving your lips as you bucked your hips
forward.  Your clit was throbbing with
need as you tried to gain any amount of friction you could.  “Chris,” you cried out, feeling like you were
going to combust if he didn’t start touching you.  

He bit down on your neck, a soft cry coming from you as his
tongue soothed the bite.  Chris let go of
your hands, instantly scooping you up by the backs of your thighs as you
wrapped them around his waist.  His lips
found yours again in a hungry kiss; your hands kneading into his lush dark
hair, your hips grinding onto his hard cock.

It was all too much, all the sensations coursing through you
right now tipped you over the edge as you latched onto his neck, your head buried
into his shoulder as you felt your orgasm build.  “Yes, fuck fuck fuck YES!” you cried in
pleasure as your body convulsed from your high.
Chris sensed what was happening and he held on to you tightly.  

Once your body stopped shaking, you felt Chris move around
the room.  Chris sat on the bed with you
still locked around his waist.  He looked
at you with a sexy grin, his thumbs caressing your flushed cheeks.  “That was quick,” he rasped out.  

“I-I was so not expecting that either,” you exclaimed.  “Sorry about that.”  For some reason, you felt embarrassed about
it, having never orgasmed THAT quick before.

“Hey, don’t be sorry about that.  It was fuckin’ hot how quickly you were able
to get off with me.  I’m just curious if
you can get off that quick again,” he said with a wink.  

Your eyes grew and you squealed as he swiftly rolled you
over onto the bed; his muscular body hovering over you.  You began quick work of taking off his shirt
as he did the same to you; your mouths connected with each new part of skin
that was shown.  You were a panting mess
by the time both of you were nearly naked; just your underwear on and Chris in
his boxers.  

Glancing down to see his hard cock tented in his boxers; you
gasped at the sight of how large he was.
He was going to ruin you tonight and you shivered in anticipation.  His mouth found yours as he lay down beside
you; his hand roaming your chest.  He
began to knead your breast, pinching your nipple making your hips jerk.  

His hand began to trail south and you parted your legs for
him.  “Fuck, I can feel how wet you are
through your underwear,” Chris growled out; his noise only turning you on
more.  You bucked your hips into his
hand, needing to be touched as he chuckled into your neck.  “Impatient are we?” he teased.  

Chris found his way into your panties, teasing your folds as
your back arched off the bed, making it perfect for Chris to take a hold of
your nipple with this mouth.  His fingers
stroked lazily up and down your dripping cunt before taking them out of your
panties.  You turned to face him with a
scowl at his teasing ways before you saw him place his fingers into his mouth;
his eyes closing as he hummed.  

“Fucking delicious,” he groaned, pulling his fingers
out.  You could have came right then and
there at the sight of him licking your juices of his fingers.  Your lips parted as his hand practically tore
your panties from your body.  

You cried out instantly as his hot mouth latched onto your
aching clit, sucking with fervor as he plunged two fingers into your dripping
core.  He was on a mission, this much you
knew to see how fast he could make you cum again.  As his mouth continued to suck your clit
mercilessly, he crooked his fingers as he began to finger fuck you.  It was the most erotic thing you had ever
experienced and you couldn’t hold back.
Your moans were getting louder, your back arching off the bed as you
soon became covered in a sheen of sweat.
“Yes.  Right there.  Don’t stop.
DON’T STOP!” you screamed as your inner walls spasmed, clenching his
fingers inside of you.  

You were spent, full satisfied as Chris pulled his fingers
from your core.  Taking deep breaths, you
got your breathing back to normal as you saw Chris laying next to you, another
grin plastered to his face.  He had just
given you two amazing orgasms; although the first one was completely

Biting your lip, you rolled onto your side before shimmying
down his body; you just had to repay him.
His eyes narrowed as he watched you slide his boxers down his legs; his
lips parting as he observed you taking in the sight of his cock.  

His hips jerked forward as you gently began to stroke his
hard dick.  It was so soft, feeling like
velvet in your hand as Chris gripped the sheet in his fists.  With a seductive smirk, you bent down and licked
a strip from his base to his tip, right along the vein.  Chris threw his head back onto the pillows
and groaned.  You teased him a few more
times with your tongue, swirling around his tip before fully taking him into
your mouth as much as possible.  You did
have a gag reflex, and you didn’t feel like gagging around this gorgeous cock
of his.  With your right hand you gripped
his base, stroking what couldn’t fit into your mouth as your left hand fondled
his balls.  You kept your eyes open,
watching Chris react to your ministrations and you soon felt your own arousal
begin to drip down your legs.  

His legs began to shake.
“Stop, not like this baby,” he cooed as you let him go with a pop.  His chest was covered in sweat, glistening
from the bedside lamp as he rolled over and grabbed a condom from the
drawer.  Chris began to roll the condom
over his cock but before he could move, you straddled him.  

He looked at you curiously, a smirk tugging at the corner of
his lips as you pushed his shoulders back down.
Chris had done more than enough tonight, and you wanted to take the
reins.  You lined him at your entrance
and began to sink down onto him slowly.  Your
body shuddered at the feeling of being so full as you adjusted to his

Chris lazily trailed his fingers up and down your thighs,
waiting for you to continue.  Placing
your hands on his chest you lifted yourself up before sinking back down
again.  You reveled in the feel of him,
never being with someone so large before.
It was magnificent.  You began to
set a steady pace; Chris’ hands at your waist helping you move.  Your breathing began to grow ragged, your
tits bouncing freely as you rode him with enthusiasm.  

Chris leaned up, wrapping his arms around your back before
flipping you over, his cock never leaving your cunt.  He began to pound into you as you cried out
wildly for him to go faster, harder.  He
lifted your right leg over his shoulder and his dick hit deeper than you’d ever
felt.  “So close Chris,” you moaned as
his tip was brushing against your sweet spot.

Your moans became dangerously loud as you felt your walls
begin to tighten; a grunt coming from Chris atop of you.  “Cum with me Y/N,” he demanded as he locked
eyes with you.  You nodded at his words
as he became to thrust into you at rapid speed as you tried to hold back your
orgasm until he was ready.  “Now Y/N,”
Chris roared and you fell apart, a strangled noise leaving your throat as you
clenched around his cock.  

After catching your breath, Chris went to dispose of the
condom and you washed yourself up on the bathroom.  Coming back to the room, you found him laying
on the bed under the covers, a smile on his face.  He patted the spot next to you and you
quickly got under the covers.

“I’m glad you decided to come this year,” confessed, making
your heart leap.  

You smiled back at him, nuzzling into his side
as he wrapped his hand around you.  “Me
too,” you responded softly.  Unaware if
this was a one-time thing, or if it would be something more, you didn’t even
care at this point.  It had been the best
night of your life and there were absolutely no regrets on your end.  

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Date Night In (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris
Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Request: I need
Chris Evans fluff.  Nights in with pizza
and Disney and play wrestling.  Pretty

Requested By:  @princess-evans-addict

It was nice having Chris home from filming.  You had spent countless nights feeling lonely
as you lay in your king size bed without him.
Although, Dodger did take up most of the bed, it still wasn’t the
same.  He was finally done filming after
three months of being home and the two of you quickly got back into your
regular routine.  

“Which movie did you want to watch tonight babe?” Chris
asked as he brought in pizza and drinks, setting them on the living room

Your brows furrowed as you cocked your head to the
side.  “Is that a trick question?”

Chris barked out a laugh, holding his hand to his
chest.  “What?  No it’s not a trick question.”

“Ok ok, just making sure.
How about Beauty and the Beast?”

Chris opened the box of pizza, the smell invading your
nostrils as you hummed pleasantly.  “Good
choice.  Animated or live action?”

Now that had to of been a trick question.  You took your time, deciding on which one you
wanted to watch before finally answering.
“Let’s keep it classic.”

He smiled, nodding his head.
“Animated it is.”

Chris started up the movie as you grabbed the box of pizza
and sat back onto the couch.  As the
Disney logo appeared on the screen you couldn’t help but smile wide.  It was such a joy to be able to share your
Disney enthusiasm with Chris.  You were
always worried you wouldn’t be able to find a guy that enjoyed Disney as much
as you, but here you were, sitting next to one of the biggest Disney nerds out
there, and he was all yours.  

Only 15 minutes into the movie, the pizza was already fully
devoured by the two of you.  Chris was
sitting in the middle of the couch, while your back was to the end, your legs
hanging over his thighs as his hand rested atop yours.  

Naturally, the two of you sang during the songs; one of you
always off key by laughing and giggling.

“You’re ruining the song,” you joked.  

“What?  Me?  How am I ruining the song?  You’re the one who is off key.”

Your mouth dropped as you dug your heel into his thigh,
right above his knee as you knew he was a bit ticklish there.  He gripped your ankles, but not too hard as
he looked you dead in the eyes.  “Are you
sure you want to start this?”

A chuckle escaped your mouth as you knew exactly what you
were getting into.  With a quick nod of
your head, Chris scooted the table farther away with his feet before grabbing
you and pulling you to him.  You let out
a shriek, not expecting him to grab you as he flipped you onto the other side
of the couch; his body hovering over you.

“Ya gonna let me win that easy babe?” he asked with a

Giving him a sly smile, you wrapped your arms around his
neck before rolling over and onto the floor; this time you on top of him.  “Nope!”

The two of you wrestled around as the movie played in the
background; the sounds of your mixed laughter echoing throughout the house as
Dodger watched you from the couch.  You
soon felt Chris grip your sides and begin to wiggle his fingers.  

“Hey!” you screamed out in laughter as he continued to
tickle you.  “That-that’s che-cheating!!”  Chris didn’t seem to pay any attention to
your words as his hands came upwards and began to tickle your clavicle; your
face pulsating with heat from your laughter as your stomach muscles

It was if a bolt of strength coursed through you as you
flipped the two of you over; Chris completely caught off guard.  You straddled his chest, holding his arms
down with your legs as his eyes grew wide.
“Damn babe,” he rasped out, clearly out of breath.  

“Who’s a better singer?” you asked casually as you held him
down.  He smiled but rolled his eyes and
you took that as your queue to tickle his sides.  He began to laugh, but you were no match
compared to his strength.  In a blink of
an eye, he had you back on your back, his lips giving you a chaste kiss to your
exposed neck.  He pulled away, and you
deemed to not be distracted by those lips.  
“Who is a better singer Chris?”

He huffed, shaking his head at your insistent question.  “You are.”

Smiling brightly at him, you reached up to place a kiss on
his lips, savoring the sweet moment before pulling away.  “Good.
Now let’s finish the movie.” 

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