Oooh oooh ooh. I have a guess. Wasn’t there a blind about him having a baby with a one night stand? Maybe thats the due date?! ha ha ha Totally just kidding. I think all those blinds were fake and put out by SSHs team to try and make her look good. Whatever is going on, hope its ok. But I agree with you, to know more than a month out, and “unforseen family matter” implies not good. My mind went to severe illness of a family member. Does anyone know if his grandparents are still alive?

Another Anon:

“There were blind items about an unforeseen pregnancy, too. Just sayin’….. Lol”

Yeah, I never bought the baby blinds. He would never have scheduled for that month if that were the case, anyway…but that’s really not likely to be the case. Please don’t make me unpack why him not being able to take a weekend to work a con five weeks from now has nothing to do with him having a baby between now and then. Nope.

Yeah, a health matter checks all the boxes, tbh. We brainstormed legal issues, home issues, education issues, quick family weddings (not his), you name it. Health always floats to the top of possibilities, since they can be ongoing, support is needed by multiple people, unknown timeframes, etc.

I don’t know about the grandparents. That’s a good question.