ok but what if Chris Evans is this whiny white guy, who only seems alright and “woke”? honest men dont need an image team and hide so much. and youd still hit that.

Alright, pro tip: if you live your life presenting one face to the world and keeping the real one for yourself, you’re gonna die sooner. You can’t be two people at the same time, it’s depleting. I don’t think Chris has it in himself to be two different persons in public and in private. He would have to keep track of so much stuff and never drop his public persona. He also doesn’t have time for that shit.

Being quiet about some of the things that aren’t so flattering is another thing, totally understandable.

You can’t come after Chris and say he’s dishonest because he has a PR person. He has ONE PR girl and one stylist (who doesn’t exclusively work with him). Other celebrities have a whole army of people behind them. And show me one normal person’s facebook page that isn’t “doctored”. Everyone is edited. Even you. 

What’s Chris supposed to do? Come to us with interviews where he’s always: “I love putting mustard on dog’s assholes, I am pure evil, don’t support me!”


He is minding his business SO much lately. Too much. I’m getting bored out here. But he doesn’t live to keep me entertained 24/7 so… tf more is he supposed to do?

And if he’s whiny, so what? I come from a whole culture where it’s considered good manners to whine when you first meet up with a friend. I should be so lucky, to be that close to Chris and have him trust me enough to show me his whiny self.

As for the woke part, it is so obvious he is trying, he is learning and improving, unlike others who bang their own drum about being the most woke ever and then they do terrible shit in public with impunity (not naming names but *cough*).

Now what does whether I would hit that or not and in what conditions have to do with it? You don’t know me.

I feel these ruffled feathers are all because Chris is a successful, popular white guy who uses his visibility to stand up to the dregs of society that are now surfacing – I keep seeing people telling him on twitter to “stick to acting, pretty boy” whenever his views are not in alignment with what assholes expect of him. Like they love him when he’s Captain America and fights aliens from space, but politely put a racist in his place on Twitter and all these villains lose their damn minds!