Maybe it’s a family event he doesn’t want to miss. I think that if it is was a health issue, he would not be speaking about setting up another date, because he would be able to predict when things would calm down and would prefer to not even think about future events. For me, it seems that something will happen around the same date and he wants to be part of it.

The line about rescheduling soon could have just been a throwaway for the audience. It’s not concrete like the “unforeseen family matter” line (as vague as it is). The problem that I have with “something else” happening on that date, is what would that be? Most positive reasons are usually planned well in advance, and are not unforeseen, unless it’s not a big deal, but if that’s the case then why cancel? I’m really at a loss for thinking of positive reasons, but maybe I’m just a Negative Nelly.