Let Me Protect You Chapter 30/30

Pairings: Chris
Evans x OFC Emilia

Word Count: 1,569

Warnings: So much fluff

Rating: PG

Summary: After
Emilia’s fiancé cheats on her, she moves to California to live with her brother
Eric, who just so happens to be good friends with Chris Evans.  Follow Emilia and her roller coaster life
through heartbreak, love, and emotional trauma.
Will Emilia choose to let Chris into her heart, or will she remain
broken and alone forever?

As you and Chris made your way back to his mom’s house in
Boston, you let out a content sigh as you pondered how far you had come in just
a few short months.  You couldn’t believe
just how much you had gone through; so many highs and lows graced your life.  Never in your wildest dreams would you
imagine your life where it was right now.  
Everything was so picture perfect, like a dream; a dream you never
wanted to wake up from.  Your brother had
been amazing, taking you in and supporting you through your mental
illnesses.  What you expected to be a
little side hobby with making crafts and selling them on Etsy became an actual
job; people were going crazy for your crafts and you were making good money off
of it.  Charlie showing up unannounced
and fearing for your life that he would take things too far; but your hero’s
showed up.  But the best thing of all,
was meeting Chris and falling in love.
You were positive falling in love would never happen to you again;
positive nobody could possibly fall in love with the mess that was you.  But it happened, you had fallen in love, and
that person equally loved you back.

You and Chris spent the next two days in Boston, spending
more time with his family and a doing a little more sight-seeing.  Chris was definitely in his element here in
Boston and you wondered if maybe one day, he would want to buy a house and move
out here.  You knew it was a long shot
though because everything was much easier for him in LA.  

The flight home went smooth, which you were grateful for.  Plane rides were never a particularly favorite
of yours; you preferred to drive anywhere if possible.  With your disguises on, you thought the two
of you would make it out of the airport smoothly, but sadly, this was LA and
you were dating a celebrity.  Chris held
onto your hand tightly as you saw a swarm of paparazzi waiting for you
outside.  Your pulse started racing as
you neared, your throat going dry as you desperately tried to find enough
saliva in your mouth to coat your aching throat; your hand started trembling in

Chris paused, sensing your fear as he reached down to your
level.  “Just stick close by me
beautiful…I won’t let you go” his words quickly easing your racing heart as you
nodded to him.  Marching ahead, the doors
opened and you were bombarded by flashes and questions.  

“Did you have a good holiday”…..”Chris is this your new
girlfriend”…..”What did you get for Christmas”….”What is your name”….”How did
you two meet”….was all you heard in a jumbled rush as you and Chris made haste to
your awaiting car.  The chauffer quickly
escorted you and Chris into the back of the car before loading your luggage
into the trunk.  Chris quickly pulled you
into his side as your heartbeat started to calm down.  “You did great Ems” he soothed, giving you a
kiss into your head.  “That was really
scary.  I wasn’t really expecting that”
you stated, voice a bit shaky.  Chris let
out a deep sigh, “I know and I should have warned you that this might have
happened.  The paps like to hang out
here, especially after a big holiday.
I’m sorry baby.”  Pulling away you
gazed deep into his eyes; you could see the sorrow in them.  Your eyes examined his face, his beard the
perfect scruff, his face paler than normal because of the cooler weather.  Biting your lip, your eyes trailed back up to
meet his, “You can always repay me later.”
His head leaned back as he barked out laughter, his right hand grabbing
his flawless left pectoral.  As he
quieted down from his dorkiness, he leaned forward to cup your face in his hands
as he placed a tender kiss on your lips; his wistful eyelashes tickling your
face.  “I love you Emilia” he rasped out
as he pulled away.  A soft smile appeared
on your face, “I love you too Chris.”

Would you ever get sick of saying that to him?  Would it ever come to sound like a broken
record?  You really hoped not because you
loved to say it and loved to hear it from him.

Once unpacking everything at Chris’ home, the two of you
hopped into Chris’ car and drove over to your bothers’ house to catch up with
him for the evening.  The short distance
between the houses was nice as you didn’t want to be sitting in a car for too
long after the plane ride home earlier today; your muscles were starting to
ache all over.  

As usually, Eric barreled into you with a bear hug once
reaching his house.  It still amazed you
how safe you felt in his arms.  But now
you felt like the luckiest person around, finding another pair of arms to make
you feel safe.  

The three of you headed into his kitchen while making small
talk about your holidays.  Frank Grillo
was gracious enough to let Eric spend the day with him and his family.  Seeing as your brother was Frank’s publicist,
they had grown rather close to each other; Eric now practically being a part of
Frank’s family.  

The boys decided to barbeque some steaks and you didn’t
protest; your stomach grumbling at the thought of any kind of food.  You watched from the kitchen, preparing a
salad, as the boys talked away on the patio.
Your heart swelling at the thought of your brother and your boyfriend
being such good friends, making life that much easier for you.

“I have an announcement” Eric expressed as you all sat down
for dinner, “I am selling the house and moving to New York.”  The drink you just took a sip from was now
splattered all over the table; choking on it after Eric’s surprise
announcement.  “Wha…what?? Why!?!” you
managed to say between you coughing fit; Chris coming to your rescue and
patting your back while handing you a napkin.
“Well, turns out Frank landed a new Netflix TV show which is being
filmed in New York City.  It’s at least a
three season deal and he asked if I wanted to move out there with him and his
family.  He even said he had a few
co-stars who are looking for a new publicist too.  It was too good to pass up” he finished; the
sadness in his voice evident.  

You felt like your world was crashing down onto you.  You didn’t want Eric to leave, and you didn’t
want to leave him.  He was your brother,
the one who has always been there for you.
But if he left for New York, would that mean you would have to leave
with him too?  You didn’t have enough
money saved up for a house or even an apartment.  What were you going to do?  Chris sensed your hesitation at Eric’s words
and clasped his warm, strong hands with yours.
“Where am I going to live?” you questioned with a heavy sigh as you
glanced up to look at Eric.  As you were
looking at your brother, his eyes were darting between you and Chris as he
raised his eyebrows.  “With me” Chris
stated without hesitation.  Your head
whipped to face him and saw the seriousness engraved on his face.

What??  Chris wanted
you to move in with him?  Sure you had
spent a month with him while Eric was out of town, but that was only
temporary.  This would be more of a
permanent thing, to move in with Chris.  You
reflected on the idea for a minute.  Yes
this would seem a bit rushed from an outsider’s point of view, to a normal
relationship.  But things just weren’t
normal between you and Chris.  That
instant connection you felt during first meeting each other was real; love at
first sight was real.  

“Are…are you sure about this?” you inquired as you furrowed
your eyebrows.  “Baby I have never been
more sure of anything.  I don’t want you
living on your own out here in LA with Charlie still here, even though he’s
locked up right now.  You already stayed
with me for almost a month and everything went so smoothly.  I’d sleep so much better at night if I knew
you were safe at my house” Chris replied.
“I second that” Eric chimed in, making you chuckle slightly.  

The two most important people in your life were looking at
you, waiting for you to make your decision.
What could it hurt right?  “Only
for you to be completely and utterly alone and homeless if this doesn’t work
out” a voice cried out in your head.  No,
you would stop looking at things negatively and start looking at the
positive.  This would be a major
positive.  Glancing between Eric and
Chris, a smile lit your face.  “Yes” you
spoke, “I will move in with you.”

A/N: And that’s
it lovelies for Part 1 of Chris and Emilia!
I dove into this story without doing any planning.  I’m going to be sitting down and really
planning out Part 2.  In the meantime, I
will be posting one-shots and multi-shots!
I hope you enjoyed and I promise you this will not be the last you will
read of Chris and Ems!!        

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