I think Chris cancelling is a combination of both. He didn’t want to go to ACE because this is his time to spend with his family in Boston. Maybe he thought it would work when it was initiated, but now that it’s getting closer, he really can’t go because he’s got so much planned for his time off. If it was a project he really wanted to do, sure! But it’s a comic con that gives him a lot of anxiety & that he’s probably dreading. I can’t say I blame him & I’m surprised it was booked to begin with.

He might be contractually obligated to do a certain number of them for Marvel. As far as him having issues with fan contact and crowds, he’s just finished with a long desensitizing experience by doing his Lobby Hero stage doors, so I can’t imagine that he’d have as much of a problem with anxiety with that for now. It just doesn’t seem to me that it would be a big reason for canceling the event.

I’m inclined to believe what he said: it was an unforeseen family matter. Whatever that means. It just doesn’t seem like he simply wants to spend time with his family (the comic con was only a weekend, anyway), but something came up with his family that prompted him to cancel.