Hi! I’ve read one of your HC about Chris probably not dating someone who is jealous, but how do you think he would act with someone who isn’t jealous, like you’re actually insecure or afraid because you were cheated on in a previous relationship? Would he still be in a relationship with you?

Look, he needs you to trust him.  Simple as that.  He’ll talk about things with you.  Like he’s not going to just shut you down.  But if your insecurity translates to a lack of trust with women it just won’t work.  His best friend is a woman. He has a lot of other close female friends.  He’s super affectionate and cuddly.  He kisses women for his job.  His job takes him out of town for months and months where you will just have to take his word for it that he’s behaving while at the same time all the blind gossip blogs are saying he’s not.  He has admitted that that kind of life isn’t compatible for a lot of people.  It’s why he mostly dates actresses.  It’s also the reason cited as to why most of those relationships ended up ending.  So while you having some insecurity is something he’s willing to reassure you on, he can’t keep having you check in on him like you think he’ll cheat.  And he’s not going to stop being the way he is with his friends.