Hey Anon,Sorry to kick off the weekend with a let-down but I…

Hey Anon,

Sorry to kick off the weekend with a let-down but I don’t think I’m the right person for this a. because I know nothing about day-to-day college life and b. because AUs are not my strong point. 🙁 I don’t feel I can do justice to a college themed story.

I can however imagine how cute a scenario with still in school Chris and a shy girl would be.


  • Chris is a popular guy, but he’s awkward and shy too. Only in his case, people (girls especially) find those traits hooooot.
  • He just acts like he’s cool, but he often wonders how girls see him. How he measures up. 
  • He’s unable to pay attention for long in class, because he’s a hyperactive kid. 
  • The girl is shy but has razor sharp focus and she can help him with assignments. 
  • In exchange, Chris introduces her to his gang.
  • And makes sure they don’t give her any hard times from the get-go.
  • He shares the cooked goodies his Ma sends him with her. 
  • They play video games together – sometimes against others, other times against each other. 
  • Brings her weed which they smoke, undisturbed, in the quiet section of the library, because she is known as a good girl and no one suspects her. 
  • They empty out the sweets section of Target together when they get the munchies.
  • The next time they are alone together, they both feel a certain pull and they kiss over an open collection of Plato’s Dialogues. 
  • Chris is still figuring out the whole sex thing, but he’s enthusiastic and he cares about her.
  • Sex is nice and they laugh a lot during. 
  • They look at naughty pics and books like the Kama Sutra and read the Cosmo sex column to get new ideas to try. 
  • Some work, some don’t. But most importantly, Chris and his little friend have a world of fun exploring. 
  • His grades improve loads since he’s with her and his good overall grades allow him a lot of options later in life. 
  • She is no longer that shy and Chris’ friends now like her for the person she is She made friends and no longer feels isolated. 
  • They only part ways because they graduate – her to go on to study, him to become a movie star. 
  • Chris still thinks of her fondly even years after they parted ways.