He choose to say family to emphasize it did not apply to his person, but rather someone in his close nucleus. It could be a surgery and recovery, it could be rehab. Whatever it is he wanted to make sure the speculation was not about him, even if some people believe it is. Also, he wanted to give ample notice to avoid backlash as, given his previous con. I wonder how his PR will deal with this. Normally he wouldn’t put out anything but this time he felt like he had to.

I agree. The statement was clear enough to say that this was something he had to do, and it wasn’t going to be negotiable. It’s all understandable. It was also far enough in advance, so everyone should be able to recover from it, which was better (unlike last time). Chris has always put his family first, so this isn’t about him, it’s about his family. I just hope everything’s okay.